Truck Painting Booths

Truck painting booths are industrial-grade systems specifically designed for large vehicles. Designing, installing, and using large truck paint booths is a significant challenge for both manufacturers and users, requiring meticulous attention to details to optimize space, workflow, lighting, air temperature, and filtration.

Whether in stand-alone solutions or integrated into existing production lines, truck paint booths must meet precise requirements regarding size, operator safety, environmental compliance, and energy efficiency.

Custom Truck Painting Systems

Since trucks are large vehicles, such as trucks, trailers, buses, trains, campers, and vans, everything starts with defining the layout of the truck paint booth to meet the customer’s needs. Complete paint systems for long vehicles like articulated lorries, paint systems for the repair bodies of large vehicles, and paint systems for medium-sized trucks and vans all have different requirements.

USI Italia provides configurable, tailor-made solutions with pits, lateral or rear filtering boxes, designed around the available workspace and complying with the specific environmental, energy, and safety regulations of the country where the system will be installed.

Painting Large Vehicles; Modular Solutions for Any Size

Modular solutions for large-scale painting systems, like USI Italia’s Cargo booths, can be configured in any size, optimizing space to the maximum extent possible, such as by housing thermo-ventilation units above the system. This is advantageous when the building has ample height, allowing the best use of available volume.

Thanks to single or tunnel entry configurations and various opening systems like sectional or roll-up doors with electric drives, sliding doors with curtain closure (available in both manual and electric mode), or doors with manual 180° opening, handling vehicles will no longer be cumbersome. Integration with 3-movement operator trolleys, both hydraulic and pneumatic, will significantly improve workflow and productivity.

Large-Scale Truck Painting Booths with Optimized Energy Consumption

To optimize energy consumption in large truck paint booths, precise management of air supply, heating, and lighting is essential. To achieve high energy efficiency in large-scale paint systems, USI Italia employs high-efficiency motors combined with inverters and paired with industrial turbines, as well as various heating systems such as electric and water batteries, combustion chamber or direct flame heating.

Painting Systems with Smart Technology

For truck painting, USI Italia offers not only Industry 4.0-conceptualized systems (thus remotely manageable via computers) but also a range of smart solutions, such as the follow-me mode, where lighting and ventilation activate only in the working area. These solutions significantly reduce consumption considering the size of the vehicles being painted.