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Open spray booths are economical and flexible solutions as they allow for a wide variety of finishing applications. The front-opening design cuts installation costs (no digging required) and saves valuable floor space, simplifying the handling of products and parts both inside and outside the enclosure. The modular design of OPEN BOOTH allows easy integration into existing structures.


USI Italia’s Open booths make it possible to avoid having to immobilize the main painting facility for the application of primers or the lacquering of parts.

Unfiltered air enters at the front: From there, the air flows horizontally through the booth, through the product and is then sucked in by the triple-level filter wall at the bottom.

This high build-up retention capacity, increases productivity, reduces the need to change filters frequently, and aided by flow rectifiers that allow an even extraction across the entire filter surface

Benefits of dry separation

The dry separation systems used by our open booths offer some considerable advantages over wet separations.

With dry separation systems, you’ll work more economically because dry filtration technology is easy to install and saves you a lot of upfront investment and operating costs.

Dry separation systems also allow for environmentally friendly operation as dry filtration does not require the costly disposal of paint sludge and complicated water preparation.

Safety benefits

USI Italia’s high-pressure motors produce an air flow suitable for the required operations, creating a cleaner environment and a better finished product.

Each industrial exhaust fan is equipped with an anti-spark ring to ensure maximum operational safety at all times.

The included pressure gauge monitors the accumulation of over-spray on the exhaust filters and warns the operator when the environment is no longer optimal. At that point, your filters can be changed in less than five minutes.

On the other hand, the air solenoid valve prevents spraying in the OPEN BOOTH when the fan is not running.

Energy efficiency benefits

USI Italia open booths are all equipped with a variable speed frequency converter that allows the user to save on absorption peaks (also resulting in noise reduction) and to modulate the extraction capacity according to the type of processing or to increase it gradually according to the clogging of the filters.

This results in energy that is used intelligently and only when required.


Choose from our pre-engineered models with 2, 3, 4 or 5 metre working widths, or contact us if you would like to have a customized system that meets the specific needs of your business.

High-quality accessories will optimize your suction wall for the most diverse application requirements.
The insulated side walls can be increased in depth, channelling the suction power further.
These can be customized with glazing or additional side lighting.
LED lighting can also be provided for our open booths on request.

Project consultancy

USI Italia’s design consultancy can include all possible variants of handling the elements to be painted, from the manual suspended conveyor to the fully automatic conveyor.
Our engineers will be happy to design a solution tailored to your needs.
If required, robots can perform complex tasks in surface finishing engineering.

Contact us, we are always here and willing to advise you.

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