Modular and multifunctional workstations for industrial painting needs

PROF-XL, the multifunctional zones for large areas

PROF-XL multifunctional zones are modular, multifunctional workstations specifically designed for preparing large areas.
The PROF-XL inherits all the technical features of the PROF-X, but does so for generally industrial spaces and areas of use.
The most suitable vehicles are therefore trucks, trains, wagons, civil and military aircraft, boats, and even wind turbines.

Scope of application of PROF-XL

Designed by USI Italia to satisfy the most particular customers, PROF-XL workstations offer a safe, controlled, all-in-one working environment for a wide variety of applications such as sanding, woodworking, priming, chemical stripping, thorough cleaning of mounts and support structures, washing.

Modularity of PROF-XL

PROF-XL workstations are available in multiple length, width and height options to suit any building layout.

As for spray booths, USI Italia can custom design preparation areas to fit the size of the vehicles or parts to be prepared.

The structure is generally suspended and anchored to the ceiling of the building, but can be developed to size with structural supports in a self-supporting version.

Separation of spaces to improve productivity

When operating on a large scale, separation and maximisation of usable space become of paramount importance to improve facility productivity and maximise profitability.

USI Italia curtain walls and partitions are safe and cost-effective solutions to limit over-spray, confine dirt, dust, contaminants and limit temperature losses.

USI Italia partitions are equipped with PVC windows for inspection and clear vision of the work being carried out inside the workstations. They can be motorised or sliding:

  • In the sliding version, two-wheel steel roller hooks make it easy to slide in the guides and fold the blinds;
  • The motorised version is concealed and allows obstacle-free movement of vehicles (or supports).
Suction systems from PROF-XL

Floor extraction systems are the most efficient method of extraction, as they offer the shortest distance for any over spray to travel to the separation filters.

Wall-mounted extraction systems are preferred in leased and non-owned locations or where foundation work is not possible (given the weight of the equipment) or not economically viable.

Intelligent airflow management

When USI Italia designs an industrial preparation station, it develops the most technically flexible and rational solution possible, in line with the customer’s expressed objectives.

It is important to consider the programmed productivity and any special operational requirements, as this will allow for the use of high-efficiency technologies, modulating dampers and frequency drivers to control and direct the air flow to where it is most needed.


Among the ADD-ONs available for PROF-XL there are several options and variations available to our customers:

  • Hot air compensation systems with or without industrial plenums
  • Air recovery systems with by-passes
  • High-efficiency LED lighting structures
  • Sanding systems with centralised dust extraction with satellites or terminals
  • Suspended-guide IR dryer systems.
USI Italia: Tailor-made, high-performance and efficient solutions

USI Italia has been supplying high-performance, environmentally efficient equipment for many years.
Whether your business requires solutions for small production lines or industrial finishing lines, our equipment is designed maximize profit every time.

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