MASTER of USI Italia is the painting booth that guarantees superior and constant performance, maximum resistance, reliability, and ease of use. Thanks to its industrial turbines, Master can generate incredible air volumes pretty much steady throughout the useful life of the filters, giving its best with water-based paints. Master is available in different configurations and a wide range of accessories. In addition, with Air Blue Clean Technology it reduces emissions harmful to the environment and cuts the curing times by 30%.

Industrial turbines directly coupled to the motor

USI ITALIA’s facing back reverse blade fans have been designed and conceived for industrial applications. They are directly coupled to the motor without transmission parts and grant the following advantages:

  • They have an excellent aeraulic efficiency (high efficiency with consequent energy saving) and a low noise level thanks to the exclusive USI ITALIA design
  • They can produce a high working pressure that translates into constant air flow for the entire life of the filters
  • The life of the filters is then long–lasting due to the ability of the fan to maintain high air flow even with clogged filters
  • A significant feature for these fans is the low propensity to dirt of the blades which, due to their conformation, prevent the accumulation of dirt and over spray.
  • They are highly reliable due to the absence of moving transmission parts (belts, belt tensioners, pulleys, etc.)
  • Maintenance is almost absent
Attention to detail and ergonomics

The difference between something good and something great is the attention to detail. The details are the result of research, perseverance, respect and extreme care. They go completely unnoticed, but sometimes they can make a difference.

With Master, USI Italia makes technology available to everyone; and it does it with style by translating the details into excellent finishes, never banal, allowing to preserve that quality and style that have always distinguished the true and exclusive Made in Italy.

We heavily invest in the search for the highest quality and manufacturing: we collaborate with suppliers to always offer the best and continuously improve the interaction between the elements and the function for which they have been designed, in order to improve the user satisfaction and the performance of our systems

Homogeneous illumination without color alterations

Proper lighting in the workplace is crucial for the well-being of the eyes and to prevent headaches. A too soft light could demotivate workers. Always thinking of the people who will work within our workspaces, we offer flexible lighting systems, high performance, high or very high efficiency, durable over time and quick to replace thanks to the particular tilting coupling system. We pay the utmost attention to reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs, ensuring maximum safety standards and maximum visual comfort. The ideal light to stimulate creativity, dynamism, concentration and improve the performance of the users of the booth.

USI ITALIA hot air recirculation system: everyone can proclaim himself an expert of air flows; but WE know for sure how to vehiculate them in the proper way

Our partial war air recirculation system between the Air Make-up Unit and the cabin during the automatic phases, allows you to obtain the following advantages:

  • Curing phase with the maximum air flow rate (100%) processed by the heating ventilating unit and a predetermined percentage of air exchange; indispensable system for a quick and optimal drying of high solid paints, water-based paints and a perfect transmission of calories.
  • Hot temperature uniformity (and therefore no more hot and cold spots in the cabin)
  • High energy savings granted by the recovery of almost all the heat necessary for the curing cycle
  • Increased productivity of the plant thanks to the quick reach of the set bake temperature
High efficiency heating for environmental protection

Master is proposed, by default, with a DNV certified direct-fired USI ITALIA burner running either on natural gas or LPG. We can also propose other heating media, of course: from the most traditional heat exchanger to hot water batteries. The AIR BLUE 2.0 heating system, however, is environmentally friendly, but allows you to get huge advantages at the same time:

  • 97% of combustion efficiency (no smoke chimney required)
  • Rapid reaching of the set temperature
  • Reduction of fuel consumption if compared to traditional burners mounted on combustion chamber (up to 30% less)
  • Greater stability of the set temperature thanks to adjustable diaphragm
  • Reduction of the time usually needed for the painting/curing cycle (up to 35%)
  • Increase in the plant overall productivity (up to 55%)

If this is not enough, we can provide a supplementary installation of a Heat Recovery System (HRS), which would lead to a further fuel efficiency of the painting system in a percentage ranging from 40% to 60% (based on the temperature difference of the two air flows).

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