Cargo is the line of extra-large painting systems that can be custom configured to accommodate any object or vehicle on the road, such as trucks, trains, subways, civil and military aircraft, boats, ships, and even wind turbines.

Modularity and self-support

Thanks to its  modular design, USI Italia cargoes can be of any size. They can be installed as standalone solutions or integrated into existing production lines.

The self-supporting logic of each module allows the housing of the thermo-ventilating units above the system, making it possible to combine performance while saving space if applicable.

Distribution in follow me logic

Advanced system management via industrial touchscreen PCs optimizes the air distribution logic. Through an intelligent zone ventilation system, the flow will only be directed to the area where the operator applies the coatings.

This intelligent use of energy reduces the number of units needed to move air. The lighting itself can be configured in follow me technology , activating only in the area where the operator is located.

Highly efficient working system

Thanks to a revision of the aeraulic circuit and the use of lightened materials, USI Italia was the first to offer the market very highly efficient working systems

Optimal air management

Moving air is not enough. Especially when dealing with large dimensions, you have to know how to manage it, including the heating system, for optimum results.

The exclusive AIR BLUE 2.0 system allows the set temperature to be reached quickly by precisely controlling the progression, stabilizing the seal and optimizing the heat transfer within the circuit during recirculation.

We can provide further customization by implementing cooling or humidity control systems if required.

Features and Options
  • Compliant with EN 16985 in countries where it is used
  • Single-entry or tunnel configuration
  • With opening systems: Sectional, roller shutter, sliding door with curtain closing, door with 180° opening
  • On excavations, on side or rear filter boxes
  • Programs that can be set and recalled at the touch of a button
  • Diagnostics and maintenance free of charge, fully remotely manageable via touch panel
  • High-efficiency lighting for perfect color rendering
  • One control point to manage several independent stages
  • Security systems
  • Compliant with ETL legislation in the countries where it is used
  • Responding to Industry 4.0 in countries where it is required
  • High-efficiency LED lighting
  • Alternative heating systems using hot water batteries and electric resistance batteries
  • CARGO industrial cabins can be integrated with three-way operator trolleys (Either hydraulic or pneumatic)
  • They can have a filtering ceiling with a central trapdoor opening to allow the passage of the crane cable
  • Configurations with conveyor
  • Differentiated filtering system depending on the industry or processing required
  • Heat recovery with by-pass (or non-bypass) preheating systems
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