USI Italia manufactures a complete line of spray booths, prep stations, and mixing rooms and refinishing systems for woodworking companies.

Ideal for the singular craftsman or for big industry

From small facilities that meet artisan needs all the way to those for large industrial production, we have flexible, customized , efficient, and productive solutions for all types of wood finishings.

Whether it’s a standard product or a tailor-made solution designed by USI Italia according to the specific needs of the customer, all our products guarantee the best working conditions for operators, as well as high safety standards at every stage of processing, energy saving, and reliability.

Because our goal is to help you produce a superior finish in the most efficient manner possible. 


Excellent dust suppression


Installations are always in compliance with current standards


Gentle drying

Booths, Prep Stations and Mixing Rooms for the woodworking sector

Open spray booths are economical and flexible solutions because they allow for a wide variety of refinishing applications, space-savings, and operational efficiency.

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The safe, controlled, and confined environment for all paint mixing processes.

Available in 18 standard configurations, they can easily be connected to the spray booth.

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