Industrial & Construction

USI Italia has a well-established history in the design and production of painting and refinishing systems for  industrial and construction sectors.

Systems that adapt to existing production lines

Our designers are able to design small prep stations, booths, and mixing rooms that can be integrated into existing spaces, or large solutions that meet the most specific configuration and usage requirements of our customers.

The ability to propose customized solutions; to adapt our systems to existing production lines, and to guarantee production continuity thanks to remote assistance that is recognized as key features of every USI Italia painting and refinishing system.

Whatever the scale of the solutions proposed, USI North America  always guarantees the highest quality standards, safety and comfort for operators, energy savings and high productivity.



Ability to ADAPT

Design flexibility with respect to existing operations


No / drastically reduced downtime through remote assistance

Booths, Prep Stations and Mixing Rooms for the industrial and construction sectors

Open spray booths offer  economical and flexible solutions as they allow for a wide variety of refinishing applications, space saving, and operational efficiency.

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The line of extra-large sized painting systems that can be custom configured as standalone solutions or integrated into existing production lines.

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Modular and multifunctional workstations specifically designed for the preparation of large surfaces before painting, available in multiple lengths, widths and height options.

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The safe, controlled and confined environment for all paint mixing processes. Available in 18 standard configurations, that can be connected to the spray booth.


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