Auto Refinish

USI Italia is a leader in the automotive finishing sector, offering functional, flexible, and productive solutions.
We build booths, prep stations and mixing rooms designed together with our customers to offer the best production system tailored to your needs.

‘Made in Italy’ quality and reliability

Our expertise in automotive paint application processes enables us to deliver High-performance paint solutions for automotive companies, body shops and repair centrers of all sizes.

USI Italia products, recognized worldwide for their quality and reliability, combine style and functionality to give you a true sense of what it is to be ‘Made in Italy’.


Beauty without compromising functionality


Knowledge of how paints work and perform in the automotive industry


A globally recognised brand for reliability and safety

Booths, Prep Stations and Mixing Rooms for the automotive sector

MASTER of USI Italia is the painting booth that guarantees superior and constant performance, maximum resistance, reliability, and ease of use. Thanks to its industrial turbines, Master can generate incredible air volumes pretty much steady throughout the useful life of the filters, giving its best with water-based paints. Master is available in different configurations and a wide range of accessories. In addition, with Air Blue Clean Technology it reduces emissions harmful to the environment and cuts the curing times by 30%.

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The preferred booth for F1 teams

The CHRONOTECH DYNAMIC, with DGTouch Lite control panel, is the booth that independently dictates work pace, setting all the painting parameters, allowing you to paint as many pieces as required, with no layout constraints, and with unaltered and surprisingly short drying times.

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The preparation areas that complement the painting facilities that  improve and accelerate  the refinishing processes .

Modular, multifunctional workstations that are specifically designed for surface preparation prior to spray coating.

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The safe, controlled and confined environment for all paint mixing processes.

Available in 18 standard configurations, they can all be connected to the spray booth.


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