Posted 25 Mar 2024

Energy saving in painting systems

The increasing costs of energy and the growing environmental awareness regarding nonrenewable resources and raw materials have brought the issue of energy conservation in painting systems to the forefront. Traditionally, ovens and painting systems have been notorious for their energy-intensive nature, significantly impacting overall costs. The primary challenge revolves around managing painting operation expenses without compromising quality—an imperative for the viability of paint companies and the reduction of their environmental footprint. 

Energy saving in painting systems

Considerable strides have been made toward achieving energy savings in coating plants. This progress includes the development of paint products featuring reduced drying times and baking temperatures, alongside optimizations in work cycles aimed at minimizing intermediate durations and airflows. 

However, engineers and designers at USI Italia have pioneered technologies that further slash costs in paint operations without compromising the quality standards expected by customers. 

For example, inverters integrated into our Multifunctional Zones and Air Handling Units represent revolutionary technology for enhancing energy efficiency in painting plants. Inverters have the potential to reduce energy consumption by up to 50% across all paint preparation stages and by up to 25% during baking and cooling processes. 

Moreover, heat recovery units offer an optimal solution for reclaiming heat and energy that would otherwise go to waste. Our RDCs, static-type recovery systems, boast efficiencies ranging from 40% to 70%, resulting in significant savings in operating costs for painting plants. 

With Evaporative Cooling Humidification Kits, your painting business can further minimize energy costs by leveraging evaporative cooling to maintain an appropriate relative humidity level during the paint application process while reducing application temperatures, thus ensuring ideal working conditions. 

These cutting-edge technologies converge under USI Italia’s products continuously refined to deliver increasingly intelligent, reliable, and environmentally friendly energy solutions.