USI Italia: a lengthy journey into the global marketplace

We sure have come a long way since the 1970s ours is a story of dedication, commitment, and passion.

It has been a wonderful journey that began  in Italy and then branched into neighboring countries, before moving onto the rest of Europe.

Today, USI Italia tackles the global market with tenacity, through an elaborate network of importers and through three branches: USI North America, USI Iberia, USI Brazil.

This journey shows that tradition and innovation have made USI Italia a leader in the paint booth industry.


USI Italia: a leader in the painting world

For almost 50 years, our vision has been set on the future. With the CHRONOTECH, USI Italia has rewritten the history of Italian painting technology in the automotive sector, placing innovation and research at the forefront of the fine art of painting.

Thanks to a never-ending  exchange of information with paint manufacturers worldwide, our solutions have revolutionized painting practices in small and large collision centers.

The foundation of our operating philosophy is based on the trust we’ve established with our customers. Yes, we are their partners, but at the same time we’re also their consultants, with a mutual goal guaranteeing a high-tech product with a high level of automation, low operating costs and lasting reliability.



Winning becomes a way of living
A team fueled by innovation and inspiration

The USI Italia team, led by a skilled international management group, combines the passion and enthusiasm of young people with decades of experience and transforming bold ideas into the new generation of cutting-edge painting systems for the future.

In the meantime, USI Italia continues to invest in its most precious assets– the people who contribute passionately every day to enhancing and sharing the company’s knowledge, and experience.

From the craftsmen who make our products all the way to our designers and engineers, each and every one of our staff is completely dedicated to achieving optimum results.


The adventure continues


In 50 years of perfecting our craft, we have never stopped listening and Learning. We have continued to build painting systems, of all sizes for a wide range of applications, but always leveraging  high performance and cutting-edge technology.


Our design expertise has allowed us to exceed our customers’ expectations, by combining the high production performance of our solutions with strict adherence to international standards and environmental protection measures.

Our attention to every detail has become a source of pride and confidence in more than 20 countries worldwide.

The creation of a new business department will enable us to to expand our vision to every corner of the globe.


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