We are a solutions company

The best solution for every painting application within the last 50 years has come from USI USA and that’s why we’re in high-performance body shops and collision centers throughout North America.

Custom designed Booths, Prep Stations and Mixing rooms
Master - Booths
The Master features superior and consistent performance and ideal for every body shop on the planet.

Available in different configurations with a wide range of accessories; and specifically designed to perform its best with waterborne paints

Chronotech - Booths
The ultimate expression of USI USA technology is our #1 workhorse, the Chronotech.

It’s all about unmatched quality, major energy savings, complete ease-of-use, time savings, and increased efficiency and overall productivity

Cargo - Booths
Because it’s not “one size fits all”.

Cargo booths by USI USA can be custom configured to accommodate any object or vehicle on the road, from trucks to wind turbines all the way large sprinter vans and commercial-size farm and manufacturing equipment.

Prep Station
Prep Station - Booths
This modular and highly flexible multifunctional workspace.

The Prep Station Is designed increase the productivity of any  body shop’s paint department, and available in several configurations

Mixing Room
Mixing Room - Box
This safe, controlled, and specialized environment is ideal for all paint mixing and related processes.

Specifically designed by engineers to ensure optimum ventilation and by providing high efficiency lighting

Their satisfaction is our motivation
Riding a wave of adulation since our inception
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USI Italia designs painting systems tailored to its customer’s needs, with cutting-edge solutions and the ‘Made in Italy’ quality.